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This year we are lucky and in October there is a long weekend! Surely not everyone has the same fortune and for many, they will keep us working, but others will be able to take advantage of the long weekend of Pilar for a bit or in the final days of the month for the All Saints holidays. Only you, the kids, and the desire to have as much as ever. Our getaway proposal with the kids for those 2 long breaks in the month of October in Andora is a visit to the thematic Naturlandia park , where you can combine learning, outdoor sports and a thousand other fun activities that are healthy for whatever age.

Naturlandia is a good opportunity to share holiday time with the kids without weighing down too much on the older members of the family. In fact, many who come are adults that, without kids, come to visit the park and enjoy it as if they were kids again. Come and try it. One of the attractions most applauded by the grown ups in this adventure park in Andorra is the Tobotronc a kind of roller coaster that flies between the forests of Sant Julia de Loria where the park is located.

In total, in winter, there are 21 activities in progress — in fact many more than in summer-. At Dickinson, I have learned so much more about the Spanish language and culture around the world.

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I have a passion for helping others and so some day I hope to be able to have a career that uses both Spanish and Psychology. Me llamo Amanda. I am an International Studies and Spanish double major. Dickinson's Spanish department offers so many opportunities to learn and grow with the language outside the classroom both in Carlisle and abroad.

I am an Archaeology, Political Science, and Spanish triple major. I have always been interested in languages, and I had initially planned to minor in Spanish. However, after taking a few classes in the department and learning more about study abroad opportunities, I decided to take on Spanish as a third major. My favorite Spanish class at Dickinson was a level course with Professor Rivas about crime novels. After taking this class I had a better understanding of how to analyze text and write essays in Spanish. I have had so many great professors in the department, and my language skills have improved tremendously!

As a freshman entering Dickinson, I had no clue what I wanted to major in.

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After taking classes in many different departments I finally declared as a Spanish major. The decision to major in Spanish was the best academic decision I have made. I take many different classes in numerous topics all while perfecting my ability to speak in a second language. All of the professors in the Spanish department are very supportive and passionate about teaching.

My Spanish ability advances every day. The Spanish major opens up so many opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. From service projects with Spanish speaking residents near Dickinson, to studying abroad, to classes exploring all aspects of Spanish culture, history and politics, the Spanish department can impact your education, and general knowledge of life in so many positive ways.

It is truly rewarding being able to master an academic subject while becoming fluent in a foreign language. I actually found a love for Spanish in high school when I simply needed to fill a language requirement.


I came into Dickinson interested in Spanish, but not completely sure where I wanted to take the language. However, while at Dickinson the professors have nurtured that passion which eventually became a clear vision of majoring in the subject. I am currently studying in Malaga, Spain, where between my host family and my integrated classes I have adapted the culture and improved my linguistic skills. I am very interested in eventually using my Spanish and English backgrounds towards a career in reporting!

Coming into Dickinson, I didn't think I would be a double major, but the Spanish department absolutely stole my heart. My favorite class in the major has been Spanish for Health Professionals where my peers and I worked as interpreters at a health clinic in Gettysburg, PA. Each day at the clinic was thrilling and the stories of the patients I met will stay with me forever. Although it's been the most challenging experience of my life, I have already learned so much and can't wait to see what the rest of the semester will bring. Focusing on Spanish has helped me beyond the academic sense, including getting to understand my Hispanic heritage in a new light and to communicate with my family in their native language.

I always knew I wanted to study and speak Spanish. Dickinson allowed me to study for a full year in Cuenca, Ecuador, and Mendoza, Argentina where I took amazing classes at the local university and held two internships over the course of the year. Estas oportunidades no hubieran sido posibles sin Dickinson. The professors in the Spanish Department are always helpful and easy to reach out to and specialize in a broad range of topics.

Initially, I was planning to minor in Spanish but during my first year at Dickinson, I had the opportunity to take a class with my advisor, Professor Sagastume, that challenged me to think critically about Latin American literature. Since then, I have grown as a student and have taken many academic courses that have expanded my interest and depth of knowledge about culture and literature.

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This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to live with a host family, engage in the Spanish culture and explore the wonders of Andalusia. Thank you to all professors and students for making my experience as a Spanish major so special! I am a sophomore Spanish and Political Science major from Virginia. I began studying Spanish my freshman year of high school, and I've been studying it ever since!

I am very involved with the Spanish department here at Dickinson, as I am an student office assistant, a board member of the Spanish club, and a resident of the Romance Language House. I hope to combine my two majors this summer doing research on South American social moments with Professor Anria. Next year I hope to spend both semesters in Cuenca, Ecuador and Mendoza, Argentina perfecting my Spanish and immersing myself in a new and exciting culture.

I first began learning Spanish in an immersion elementary school and ever since then my love for the language, and the cultures which surround it, have only grown. My favorite class that I've taken within the Spanish department thus far was probably professor Arnedo's Spanish for Health Professionals. It was an amazing opportunity to put to use all of the skills I had been learning throughout my years of speaking Spanish as well as get to know the area outside Carlisle a bit better.

My ultimate goal would be to find a job that allows me to incorporate both my Spanish and Sociology skills! I am a double major in Spanish and Africana Studies with a concentration in the Diaspora.

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Upon coming to Dickinson, I knew that I had wanted to continue studying Spanish while also studying the histories and experiences of people of African descent. I first had this realization when I traveled to Mexico with my high school in 9th grade and saw the image of a woman with tight, coiled hair styled in Bantu knots carved into an ancient temple. She looked just like me! This class gave me the opportunity to really explore identity development and its presentation in literature, film, and visual art.

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  6. This class fueled and filled my interest in how narratives are constructed by ourselves and others, and how these constructions connect us to the spaces in which we navigate. I look forward to my growth as a Spanish and Africana Studies major! I am happy to be a part of the department and to use what I learn to connect with the world within and beyond Dickinson.

    Soy Giuseppe Collia. Throughout high school I knew that I enjoyed learning Spanish and that I'd want to continue here. Additionally, the Multilingual Writing Center is another reason I came to Dickinson in the first place! I first started learning Spanish in elementary school and my passion for the language grew in high school.