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If you really trust the design of the game, it can also be an excellent assessment tool! Fellow Edutopia member Brian Page on Twitter FinEdChat has long been an advocate for financial literacy education and innovative ways for students to engage in it. He's also a Money magazine "Money Hero". Brian has a huge database of games that can help teach financial literacy skills to students of all ages.

In addition, each game is aligned to commonly accepted personal finance national standards. Although the database is extensive, Brian has selected his favorite games and explained how they might be used intentionally in classroom instruction. In Bite Club , players manage a "day club" for vampires. Players experience the familiar tension between servicing debt, spending money and saving for the future. By featuring vampires, who live forever, the game highlights the impact of long-term savings over a year span in a round game.

The game aims to instill three learning objectives:. Brian says, "I prefer Bite Club as a game-based learning day alternative, and as an anchor activity. Pro tip: Save really often. Especially near wizards. Another arcade port. Galaga is a great game, and this is a good way to hone your skills so you can impress your friends at the arcade you still go, right?

A Tech-Heavy Larp Experience

Pro tip: Tapping fire is faster and more precise than holding it down. Pro tip: Prepare to die. This is less about twitch skills and more about knowing and preempting the unique threats posed in every level. Pro tip: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start. Another of the early arcade-style NES games, this one has simple controls that may strike you as restrictive.

One of my favorite games of all time, Kid Icarus is a long and difficult, but very rewarding, adventure that controls beautifully and hides quite a bit of gameplay depth. Keep a FAQ around to help you out with the hidden scoring mechanisms and pot-dwelling Gods of Poverty in the treasure rooms. Pro tip: Fear the Eggplant Wizard! This was one of the later and most advanced games on the console; inhale your enemies and wield their own power against them. Great graphics and controls, plus smart and cute level design. That is inexcusable. Even himself. Not only does it control well and have a huge, labyrinthine map to explore at your own pace, but the music and mood are amazing, too.

Having save states is immensely helpful with this game. This game and its sequel really pushed the storytelling on the NES to new heights, with narrative-driven levels and detailed cut scenes in between. I happen to like the sequel better, but the original is great and punishing. Notice something about the title?

The game is exactly the same, but you fight a palette-swapped Tyson at the end — they made him white and changed his name to Mr. Sad, really, but how often did you even get that far? Pro tip : Turns out this is a great party game.

Biggy's Birthday Party Games w/The Norris Nuts

An underappreciated gem, StarTropics combines interesting action with puzzles and a full RPG overworld and story. Thinking of playing through Zelda or Castlevania again? Why not try this instead? Pro tip: Fire is actually good in this one. Looking for an extra challenge? Watch a few speedruns and see how you stack up. Do yourself a favor and replay this one — all the way through.

Pro tip: Toad is the man on digging levels. Still one of the best games of all time, and always worth playing again. Take advantage of the game save ability and get past World 4 for once! In the last bag put the birthday candles. I put mine in the number 6 bag. Write clues to figure out which bag has the candles. I wrote 6 clues. Get one adult to volunteer for each clue you have. Give one clue to each adult.

My clues were:. For the game, the kids have to get the clues from the adults to figure out where the candles are so we can do the cake. They have to take their tattle tale and hold it up to an adult. The adults who don't have a clue will say " I don't have a clue" and those who do, will give the clue. The kids don't have to get all 6 clues. They just have to get clues until they figure out which bag it is.

When they figure it out, they line up in front of the bag they think it is. When all kids have chosen, reveal the bag. Jibanyan loves chocolate and Kaiden was fascinated by a chocolate fountain at a birthday party he had attended in the past so I decided to have one at the party. We had several things to go with the fountain: cake balls, peanut butter balls, strawberries, bananas, gummy candy, pineapple chunks, kettle corn, marsh mellows, and pretzel sticks. To hold the skewers, I decorated some jars.

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Cut a length or ribbon to wrap the jar. Roll some tape to stick in place. Roll some tape on the back of a character and stick it on the jar where the ribbon overlaps. Simple and cute. I made goodie bags for the kids to take at the end of the party. In the goodie bags were several things including a pencil, crayons, markers, candy, erasers, and a coloring book I made. The cake was made at the local grocery store bakery using an image I edited on photoshop to read happy B-day Kaiden on a Jibanyan medal.

Continue to the last step for the coloring pages. Print out the pages. Fold them in half top to bottom with pictures facing out.

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Fold in half again so that it is a mini book with an image on every side. Use a little glue from a glue stick to glue the open corners closed. Lay open the cover page with the cover facing down. Stack the rest of the pages one on top of the other on top of the cover page. One of the pages has a 2 page spread image. Make sure that is the last page you add so that is in the middle of the book. Make sure to align the folds. Make sure the pages are in a clean, straight stack and staple on the fold near the top and bottom. Fold book closed to finish.

Hi, great party! Kaiden's yokai birthday can you make one with my son's name on it? Reply 2 years ago. I made the logo on photoshop. I sell it in my etsy shop called MimicNecho. If you know photoshop, i can email you the file and you can edit it yourself if youd like. By ecsaul23 Follow.

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Most of my 'ibles will be of birthday parties and Halloween costumes. I absolutely love planning and running birthday parties and Halloween is the best holiday ever! If you like those a With these watches I made medals for each of the 8 Yo-Kai I chose to theme the games for.