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I liked their last albums very much, but it seems to me, as if ha the return to the original name inspired a return to the very old form.

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Tunes, grooves, atmosphere - all there. Juicy performance of LTIA mikeadupont. Dizzying, meticulously-arranged prog that balances full-on barnstormers with moments of dread and unease. Computant by Us, Today.


A wild post-rock adventure, powered by complex percussion, jagged guitar lines, and bright vibraphone. They Are the Shield by Toby Driver. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 8, Explore music.

Tags adventurous music experimental jazz art rock electronic music rock in opposition Washington. Music From The Anacostia Delta. Cuneiform Records recommends:. Cuneiform Records go to album.

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    The Thinkfun Gordian's Knot Game will help to teach logic and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way. You'll need to experiment to find the correct solution to how to untie the knot and complete the puzzle. Thinkfun Gordian's Knot Game.

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