To Grandmothers House We Go

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To Grandmother's House We Go Directed by Jeff Franklin Synopsis When the twins feel like their mom is tired of them, they take off on an exciting adventure to grandmother's house and encounter a pair of villains along the way. Director Jeff Franklin.

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Richard Leiterman. Richard Bellis. Countries USA Brazil. Genres family adventure comedy.

To Grandmother's House We Go (1992) Movie Script

The casual way this rationalizes felony mail fraud on Christmas is very uplifting. My kids made me watch it. Guilty pleasure.

Ok but when are the Olsen twins gonna start making movies again? Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings. Outsider art "art".

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Live-action adaptations. I miss it so much. I cannot even begin to tell you all the things her home meant to me. I think the painful tug on my heart and the sting in my eyes happens mostly because of what her home symbolized to my growing mind, to my budding heart. It was a place of safety. I knew what to expect. I knew how it would feel. There was never a question in my mind of whether I belonged there. That it was a place where I was a part of the family, and I was seen by her.

After presents, our time would be filled with conversations and eating pie.

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One was called A Mom for Christmas. It was such a silly movie, but because it was tradition to watch it, we always did.

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Before we left, my grandmother would gather everyone around the tree and pull a large stack of envelopes from its branches. He manages to step out of his truck, only to be attacked by two robbers who steal it with the girls still inside. When the robbers, Harvey and Shirley Jerry Van Dyke and Rhea Perlman , discover them and why they are there, they decide they can make some money by holding them for ransom.

She says they will make the trade at the ice rink in Edgemont, and that Rhonda is to wear a red hat. Meanwhile, Harvey has begun to like the girls, and when he asks Shirley why they never had kids, she replies that it is because they are too busy being criminals, though rather than agreeing with her philosophy that it is their mission, he says he sees it as a job. Eddie and Rhonda reluctantly decide to raise the ransom money by opening and selling packages which Eddie is supposed to be delivering.

However, they succeed as planned and manage to make it close to the threshold of the ransom amount. Eddie even gives Rhonda a red cowgirl hat from his stack of cowboy mementos. However, the pawnshops start noticing the stolen merchandise and report to Detective Gremp Stuart Margolin and his officials, who write out a warrant for their arrest, believing them to be Harvey and Shirley.

To Grandmother's House We Go

Everyone makes it to the skating rink in Edgemont. Eddie and Rhonda argue, as do Harvey and Shirley. When Harvey reveals what he and Shirley intend to do with Sarah and Julie, the twins run off again. They visit with Santa Claus ; the latter is sitting in a carriage disguised as a sleigh and accompanied by horses disguised as reindeer. Fed up with Harvey and Shirley pestering them, the twins take control of the carriage, hoping the reindeer will take them to Grandma's. Midway through their ride, they discover that the reindeer are actually horses and begin to realize the danger they are in when they are unable to stop them; unaware that they are also fast approaching the edge of a steep ravine.

Eddie seizes another horse and pursues them, his love of all things cowboy motivating him to pull off a rescue. He manages to stop them in time, inches from the edge of the ravine and leads them to safety, unaware that they have come to a stop outside the home of Rhonda's Grandma Mimi.

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Just as everything settles down, and Eddie and Rhonda share a hug, Detective Gremp and one of his officials burst in and handcuff them. They try to tell Gremp their side of the story and what Eddie had planned to do to set things right, but Gremp still assumes that they are the real bandits because they agreed to the ransom exchange. Harvey is sympathetic to the pair, while Shirley is trying to force them to get away while they have the chance.