Awakening the Angel Within: Your Guide To Ascension

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Home Contact Checkout Downloads. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Into the Heart of Gaia Soul Immersion Into the Heart of Gaia takes you beyond beyond the many layers of the self into the one true Self, where all is possible.

Ascension: Communication Of The Ascending Heart

Meet the Elementals Soul Immersion Take a magical step into nature to Meet the Elementals; beings of nature that support our world and if we ask, assist us to reach our full potential. Meet the Mermaids Soul Immersion This meditation supports the clearing of limiting beliefs surrounding lack and self-doubt while holds the space to align you to the creative and intuitive mermaids. Activating your Light-Body Soul Immersion The space is held for you to align to your Light-Body, part of your energetic self that acts as a vehicle for you to experience physical life and travel within the many non-physical realms.

Living in your Heart Soul Immersion Journey in to the temple of Petalite, a high vibration al crystal that has an effortless way of guiding one into the sacred space of the heart.

5 Different Forms of Spiritual Ascension - Which Have You Experienced? ⋆ LonerWolf

Valley of Abundance Soul Immersion Journey to the Valley of Abundance amid the Faeries who love to help you create your dreams into being. View Desktop. View Mobile. Email address. First Name.

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Dedicated Mage fans have followed the game for years, and we want to pay tribute to you with a deluxe version of the new edition — the ultimate copy of Mage: The Ascension. This limited, prestige edition is hardbound with a leatherette cover and gold—foil designs, and a purple cloth bookmark to keep your place in this tome of mastery.

This book is also bound in a high—quality slipcase with a lavishly illustrated Mage art book! Opening fiction. A newly Awakened mage is initiated in the ways of the Traditions and introduced to the realities of the Ascension War. A brief introduction to the world of Mage and the nature of its protagonists, a guide to using the rulebook, and a brief list of inspirational literature and film. An overview of the World of Darkness and the place of mages within it, and a lexicon of mage terminology.

Connecting With Your Guardian Angel, Velocity Ascension Course, Visualisation 2

Details of the mystical Traditions which form the Council of Nine , as well as the Hollow Ones craft. The abstract and practical applications of Awakened magic, as practised through an understanding of the nine Spheres. Also details the effects of Paradox. The basic rules of the Storyteller System.

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A very broad history of the history of the Awakened and the struggle between the Council and the Technocracy , including the current state of play in the Final Nights. Traits and information for various individuals, organisations, creatures and other threats to modern mages.

Special Message From AA Michael ~ Your Ascension Angel !!

Optional rules for Merits and Flaws. Diary entries from Akashic Brother Dominic LeTarry, detailing his Awakening and the disappearance of his sifu , probably as a result of the Avatar Storm. A separate book found alongside the rulebook in the limited edition slipcase, showcasing the best, most striking Mage art over the last seven years.


The Revised edition of Mage purposefully made the game much darker and grittier, declaring the Ascension War all but lost to the Technocracy, and removing all the most powerful Council mages through the device of the Avatar Storm, which also made it much more difficult for mages to travel through the Umbra. These changes were met with a divided fan reaction.

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The Revised edition also formalized a rule system for dealing with Resonance , and abandoned the variant spelling "magick" which was previously used to denote Awakened magic. admin