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A few months ago, my Dad had a stroke while they were at their summer home in Antigua. However, his primary care physician and medical specialist were back in the United States. Michigan to be exact. MASA helped get my parents home so his treatment could be local and my sister and I could help. My parents are turning 72 this year and want them to enjoy their retirement years as much as possible. With MASA, our entire family has peace of mind and am glad they can enjoy their beautiful summer home but will be taken care of in emergency situations like we experienced.

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My first year away from home, at college, was very hard for me. I had a head on collision and my car was totaled.

I was rushed to the hospital closest to Oklahoma University. My parents were still in Texas. As soon as they were notified of my car accident, they called MASA.

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We are committed to provide the highest quality, affordable healthcare to the communities we serve. We have earned the trust Become a member today and let us earn your trust as well. Each one of our aircraft are equipped to provide the best possible care. We carry top medical equipment to include our monitors, ventilators, IV pumps and bipap machines. In addition to the top medical equipment we have exceptional fixed wing and rotor aircraft.

In the event of needing medically supervised air transportation, a membership with Sunrise Air Ambulance will ensure that your insurance will cover the cost of the flight! For the minimal cost of our memberships you can secure peace of mind that you or a family member can quickly get the medical attention needed. Pick a membership plan that is going to best fit the needs of your family.