Handbook on Univariate Statistical Distributions

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Benford F The law of anomalous numbers. Casella G, Berger R Statistical inference, 2nd edn. Duxbury, Belmont Google Scholar. Nakagawa T, Yoda H Relationships among distributions.

Handbook On Univariate Statistical Distributions

Chapter First Online: 23 May This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Arnold, B. Azzalini, A. Journal of Income Distribution 11 , 12—20 Google Scholar. Balakrishnan, N.

Barndorff-Nielsen, O.

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Bowman, K. Kotz and N.

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Johnson eds. Castillo, J. DeBrota, D. Abrams, P. Haigh, and J. Comfort eds. Devroye, L. DiDonato, A. Efron, B. Haight, F. Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications, Second Edition provides quick access to common and specialized probability distributions for modeling practical problems and performing statistical calculations. This highly praised handbook integrates popular probability distribution models, formulas, applications, and software to help you compute a variety of statistical intervals.

It covers probability and percentiles, algorithms for random number generation, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, tolerance intervals, prediction intervals, sample size determination, and much more. Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy , Ph.

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He is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association and an associate editor of Communications in Statistics. He has published more than articles relating to small sample inference, multivariate analysis, fiducial inference, and statistical methods for exposure data analysis. It includes many useful results that are handy for students and practitioners alike I must say, it is a very useful and handy book for commonly used probability distributions, a one-stop shop!

I would like to see this book on my desk! Ahmed, Technometrics, July Jones, Journal of Applied Statistics , January The accompanying PC program is a true application in its own right: neat, tidy, and very, very useful.

To have this and the book represents a unique reference work.