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Some aircraft have propellers that push the aircraft. These are called pusher propellers. Leading Edge of the airfoil is the cutting edge that slices into the air.

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As the leading edge cuts the air, air flows over the blade face and the cambe side. Blade Face is the surface of the propeller blade that corresponds to the lower surface of an airfoil or flat side, we called Blade Face.

A Propeller “Lifts” an Airplane Forward

Blade Shank Root is the section of the blade nearest the hub. Blade Tip is the outer end of the blade fartest from the hub.

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Plane of Rotation is an imaginary plane perpendicular to the shaft. It is the plane that contains the circle in which the blades rotate. Blade Angle is formed between the face of an element and the plane of rotation. The blade angle throughout the length of the blade is not the same.

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  • The reason for placing the blade element sections at different angles is because the various sections of the blade travel at different speed. Each element must be designed as part of the blade to operate at its own best angle of attack to create thrust when revolving at its best design speed.

    Propeller (aeronautics)

    Blade Element are the airfoil sections joined side by side to form the blade airfoil. These elements are placed at different angles in rotation of the plane of rotation. The reason for placing the blade element sections at different angles is because the various sections of the blade travel at different speeds.

    The inner part of the blade section travels slower than the outer part near the tip of the blade. If all the elements along a blade is at the same blade angle, the relative wind will not strike the elements at the same angle of attack. This is because of the different in velocity of the blade element due to distance from the center of rotation. The blade has a small twist due to different angle in each section in it for a very important reason. When the propeller is spinning round, each section of the blade travel at different speed, The twist in the peopeller blade means that each section advance forward at the same rate so stopping the propeller from bending.

    Thrust is produced by the propeller attached to the engine driveshaft. While the propeller is rotating in flight, each section of the blade has a motion that combines the forward motion of the aircraft with circular movement of the propeller. The slower the speed, the steeper the angle of attack must be to generate lift.

    Therefore, the shape of the propeller's airfoil cross section must chang from the center to the tips. The changing shape of the airfoil cross section across the blade results in the twisting shape of the propeller. Relative Wind is the air that strikes and pass over the airfoil as the airfoil is driven through the air.

    Angle of Attack is the angle between the chord of the element and the relative wind.

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