There Is A Redeemer

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God redeemed His people out of the land of Egypt when they were enslaved under Pharoah.

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He redeemed His people when they were captives in Babylon, in the book of Judges you can read of at least six instances where the people of Israel sin against God and fall into idolatry and were taken into slavery. And then God raises up a judge like the mighty Samson, or the great warrior woman Deborah or Gideon, to fight against incredible odds and redeem His people, or free them from slavery once again. I believe God was using all of these times of enslavement as object lessons.

There Is A Redeemer

He was trying to teach His chosen people something that still rings true for us today. And it is that your enemy wants to control you, but God wants to set you free. To be enslaved means to no longer have free will. Because He knew that if we became aware of Good and Evil, we would surely at some point choose Evil and become caught up in the middle of the whole rebellion that Lucifer and his fallen angels had already started in the heavens. And true enough, as soon as we ate the fruit, and our flesh became aware of what is Good and what is Evil, it became impossible for us to walk through this life without choosing to do the wrong thing sometimes.

When you wake up in the morning, do you reach for your Bible — or do you play with the cell phone? Do you spend that time in prayer, or do you end up spending it on Facebook? Do you curse this person out, or do you hold your peace? It just seems like every moment is filled with opportunities to choose to do the wrong thing. It seems like there are just too many ways to fail, too many ways to fall short of His glory, too many temptations knocking at the door and too many mistakes just waiting to be made.

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  • There Is A Redeemer.

The Bible says the first thing the enemy comes to do is to steal. When you steal something, it becomes your possession. It becomes your slave. The enemy wants to steal and control you and use you to give him glory instead of God.

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He wants to make you his slave because a slave can no longer make their own decisions about their own life. Tied to situations and circumstances that are controlling their lives and desperately wanting to break free. It is our calling, as believers, to walk in the freedom from sin that Christ bought for us on the cross — and to share with others what Jesus set us free from. It is our calling to be humble enough so that whether we are anointed to be king on the throne like David, or we are just an every day child of God, we can admit to others — and to ourselves, that we have to pray daily, that God will keep us from sin, and that we will come a little closer, today, to living a life that is pleasing and acceptable in his sight.

Have you allowed yourself to be made free from the snares that the enemy would use to keep you under his control?

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  4. What would you do differently , if you were completely free from guilt? What doors would you walk through with confidence, if you were truly free of all of your insecurities?

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    How would you live your life differently if you were not captive to your fears? I can hear Paul saying, iN my heart, in my inner man, just like David, I want the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to please Him.

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