The New England Mafia

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Whitey Bulger eluded law enforcement for more than 16 years before finally be captured back in According to reports Bulger was beaten to death by inmates with possible mafia ties.

The reasons for his latest transfer remain unclear and there has been no word from the Bureau of Prisons. According to the report Bulger was found unresponsive at around 8 a.

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The Bureau of Prison said that no other staff or inmates were injured. The FBI has reportedly launched an investigation into his death. In the end, he was known not only as a criminal but also as a fugitive and a federal informant. His death marks the end of what has been one of the more interesting criminal stories of all time. Some still unsubstantiated reports are that Freddy Geas has already admitted to and taken credit for the attack. Weadick was also hit with a mandatory life sentence on Thursday.

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  3. Some observers say organized crime landscape is shell of former self.
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The Cosa Nostra leader called the proceedings ridiculous saying the real story would come out one day before being sentenced. The mobsters were worried about him flipping so they killed him. Frank Salemme was convicted of racketeering back in and decided to flip on his Patriarca family pals after finding out Bulger and Flemmi were both FBI snitches.

Trial Against “Cadillac Frank” Tells Many Tales of New England Mafia

In exchange for cooperating with the feds his sentence was cut and he was put into the witness protection program. He admitted to various crimes including several murders but for some reason left out his role in the DiSarro hit. In he was charged with lying to investigators by suggesting another mobster had killed DiSarro and was kicked out of witness protection for a short time.

Both he and Weadick maintained that they had nothing to do with the murder and that Flemmi was lying in an effort to help himself. Flemmi is serving a life sentence of his own after admitting to killing 10 people and the defense leaned on the assumption that he was looking for a better deal. Attorney Andrew Lelling.

But he played a key role in the massive case that dismantled much of the hierarchy of the Patriarca crime family. But while cooperating with the feds leading up to the case he lied about his knowledge of the murders for whatever reason. He was released into the witness protection program and thought he was free and clear.

Then another New England mafia turncoat spilled the beans linking DeLuca and his brother to the murder.

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He was taken back into custody and finally came clean as previously reported here. Both men were found guilty of the DiSarro murder. Prosecutors and the family of DiSarro pushed for DeLuca to get the maximum sentence under the guidelines which would have been around 12 years. He will likely be given credit for the two years he has served since being arrested in John Gotti used to make the trip up to Rhode Island from New York to visit Ouimette in prison, according to the same article. Gerard Ouimette wrote a book from prison before he died. On the cover of What Price Providence?

The federal government argued successfully that Cutler and another attorney should be excluded from the case, because they may be involved in the Gambino family and serve as a type of corporate counsel to the criminal organization. Among the evidence offered was tapes of Gotti instructing Cutler to contact a Rhode Island lawyer to get messages to Raymond Patriarca Jr.

Journalist Edmund Mahony of the Hartford Courant has long chronicled organized crime. He covered the legal twists of the early 's that besieged the mafia in New York and New England. He explains how the Patriarca and Gotti used their attorneys to communicate:. Jack Cicilline.

He's New England's lawyer So, the guy represented Raymond Junior when he just got pinched. As the conversation continued, Gotti and Cutler agree that Patriarca was ready to jump at Gotti's "beck and call.

Cicilline, a successful criminal defense attorney who has run afoul of the law himself. When Gambino underboss Sammy "The Bull" Gravano stabbed Gotti in the back and became a cooperating witness for the government, he shined more light on the relationship between Gotti and the New England mafia. In a debriefing with the FBI, Gravano explained that Boston mafia members were at a Long Island wedding for the son of a New York mobster, and he was there with Gotti and other members of the Gambino family.

The Boston mobsters requested "an audience" with Gotti to discuss the situation in New England. The Boston delegation of capos was lead by Joe "J. He then explained he and others were upset with Raymondy Patriarca, Jr. Gotti told them he would arrange a meeting with Patriarca and told Russo to avoid violence. At this meeting, Patriarca explained to Gotti that he was going to step down as head of the New England family.

Salemme didn't stop there, implicating not just himself, but his friends and business partners, James J. The evidence of the working relationship between John Gotti, the Gambinos and the Patriarca family in New England is overwhelming. James Martorano, a Patriarca capo from Massachusetts, was even caught on an FBI wire discussing the murder of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's family, because they couldn't get to him since he was in witness protection as an informant. He can be heard weekdays from 10 a. Contact him at chris. admin