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Plugin W. Miraculously, the strange beings stopped attacking him and they disappeared. And true enough, Jesus did save him and give him an opportunity to change his life. Since this harrowing experience, Howard has dramatically changed his life.

He is now a devoted follower of Christ. He received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in , and for three decades he had lived a peaceful, happy life. However, this all changed when, in November 23, , God allowed him to visit hell and experience it firsthand. Bill documented his short yet harrowing experience in his book 23 Minutes in Hell. Bill defended his personal account by saying that it was not a dream.

He experienced hell physically. There were two hideous giants together with him.

Top 10 People Who Made It Alive Out of Hell

After a while, two more vicious creatures entered the cell. When the light disappeared, the four foul-smelling giants started to attack him viciously.

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He was mercilessly ravaged by these demonic creatures. Fortunately, God had other plans for Bill. After 23 agonizing minutes, Bill was taken out by God from hell and brought back to Earth. The time was exactly am. This experience had a profound effect on Bill and his wife. Both of them had left their successful careers and have focused on spreading the message that hell does exist. Vassula Ryden is a 71 year old woman who claims to have been to hell and heaven. Vassula is a mystic who claims that in God communicated with her and told her that He will use her mightily.

Since then, Vassula had received numerous visions or prophecies from God. Perfect examples of this are the tsunami in Asia and the destruction of the World Trade Center in Jesus had allowed her to experience hell and heaven so that, like Bill Wiese, she can become a living testimony that hell and Satan do exist.

After making it alive out of hell, Vassula has made it her goal to share and convince people of the actuality of hell and Satan. She has been to 79 countries already and has given more than presentations. In addition, she also claimed to have encountered Satan who was very rude to her.

Did Jesus Go to Hell?

Philip Mantofa is a Christian pastor from Malaysia. Mantofa is one of the lucky few whom God had allowed to experience hell firsthand. Furthermore, he strongly claimed that it was neither a dream nor a hallucination. Get the books! Get the whole collection! In our Cryptids in the News and History segment, Kevin turns up the heat with On This live episode we talk about ghosts, aliens and the paranormal.

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Are we being deceived, and if so by who? What does the Bible have to say about ghosts and aliens? Steve drives by, Pastor Chips Ross encourages us with some good truth. Tim has a new sports segment on the show, How does it effect Christians around the world and here in the united States. Johnny challenges Jack on some of his doctrine and Jack, Johnny, and Bobby go round after round, after Recorded April 16th, We welcome back Aage Nost to the show.

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We talk to Aage about a number of topics including reincarnation and ancient knowledge. We look at how the evil aliens may actually be terraforming the planet using nefarious elites to further their diabol God is Like Jesus, God has always been like Jesus.

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God has never not been like Jesus. Funny, entertaining, and even informative, this episode Chance Gibson of American Survival Wholesale explains why being ready for anything should be part of our Christian walk. Then Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, discusses an article he published earlier this week on the epidemi How someone who almost lost their life to mental illness met Jesus Christ. Tune in when she shares her story of…?

How God has saved her from suicidal thoughts? How God rescued her from her mental illness? How God helped her unbelief — We also talk about? What to do to get out of depression and anxiety?

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How to care for someone who is suffering Visit us at www. Many people are locked out of their dest On This Live broadcast, we discuss weed and Christians using it.

Is it right! What about medical marijuana, is that morally right to take for a Christian? Tim has a few audio clips for you to hear. Also Jack talks about his trip to the Black Sheep motorcycle breakfast! Why do I post my experiences? My hope is that my stories inspire you to push deeper and go farther in Christ than you thought possible! Mind-Brain-Internet Interface News! Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay tuned, as we will soon announce the date of our first live stream! He explains how bonds are used in the criminal justice system for multiple purposes; making money for the cabal and a convenient system to re Here is LGJU first live show ever on the fringe!